Lawa Brochure
The Late Shri. Jagdish chawla
Founder, The Lawa Group
( 02 February 1945 - 13 December 2007 )
A man of Ideas. A man of Substance.
A man of Vision.

Values & Philosophy

Shri Jagdish Chawla, the founder of the Lawa Group, had the some ambition: to prove to themselves and the world that Indians were capable of being the best at whatever they chose to do and risked becoming entrepreneurs by setting up their own company as a mfg company and led its evolution as a global leader in the steel melting and handling (eot crane) businesses. These businesses further include Steel melting , Handling, Consultancy and Education & other industries application i.e [sugar, textiles, chemicals, tyres, cement, paper]. He was a successful sugarcane and cotton cultivator. He epitomized the spirit 'dare to dream and learn to excel'. As a next logical step to vertical integration, he boldly took upon an entrepreneurial venture to set up the Punjab khore (Mfg Unit-1) in 1989. . The foundation of The Group is based on three core values: Respect for the Individual, Service to the Customer and Excellence in the pursuit of our goals. In early 90's Jagdish chawla initiated his two sons Naveen Chawla and Sonu Chawla into business. The Lawa Group is a living testimony to his indomitable will, single-minded dedication and an unrelenting commitment to his goals. The Philosophy of Shri Jagdish Chawla is instills commitment, team work and foresight.

Our Core Values
  • Customer #1
  • Passion for People
  • Business Excellence
  • Integrity, Ownership & Sense of Belonging
  • Frank & fair Organization
  • Team Work