Lawa Brochure
Social Responsibility

The Lawa Group's social responsibility focuses on 3 key areas - reduce energy consumption contributing to the effort against global warming, turn into a zero waste group by 2010 and support skills development. we have implemented several energy saving devices and undertaken training sessions for our employees. The second round of recommendations is being implemented across group companies. We are also experimenting with alternate fuels and sources of renewable energy.

In order to become a zero waste company by 2010, we are examining all of our manufacturing processes and systems. Waste is being eliminated and products such as waste oil and scrap paper are being completely recycled. This has the potential to improve paint shops of manufacturers across industries. Efficient usage, conservation and recycling of water are being ensured. Steps are being taken to make us ' water positive ' in the near future.

CSR Policy Statement

The lawa Group is acutely aware of its responsibility towards following Environmental, Human Resource and Societal best practices both within its premises and beyond for the wider societal good.

Our core values are: Respect for Individual, Service to Customers and Excellence in Pursuit of our Goals, and these reflect in our CSR policy as well.


We are committed to (a) using environment friendly and safe process in production, (b) conserving water & energy by consistently reducing consumption and wastage and (c) complying with all safety & environmental laws & regulations. We set and periodically review sound environmental objectives and targets for each manufacturing unit.


We are guided by our core beliefs to promote the well-being and development of our employees (as well as their families) through our stated corporate value of "Respect for the Individual".